China Daily (USA) - 3 Jan 2019

Table of content - China Daily (USA) (3 Jan 2019)

President calls for peaceful reunification
Confident Putin looks to challenges ahead for Russia
Shutdown city
All the tools for tackling climate issue are at hand
Modern showcase
Taste for gold
Documentary explores the impact of reform and opening-up
Xinjiang athletes jump at chance to play parkour
France: ‘Life is difficult, so difficult’
Russia: Uncertainties lie ahead on Ukraine
Taiwan: Disappointment in Tsai seen in voting
Baby rescued from Russia building rubble
Mission accomplished
Climate: China steps up, shows leadership
Frenetic delivery pace isn’t slowing down
Seniors take big strides in world of travel
In urban jungle gym, Kashgar’s young athletes play
Uniforms with GPS trackers keep kids under surveillance
US fires tear gas as migrants storm border
Manchester police raid stabbing suspect’s home
‘Women wall’ in India calls for gender equality
CSEaArTaTtLtEack suspect ordered in detention
6 killed, 16 injured in bridge train accident
Workers, parks strained in shutdown
Carter stresses importance of righting US-China relations
A word or two about the word of the year
Apple CEO cites trade conflict in China sales shortfall
PMI falls below the 50 mark
Ministry unveils plans to power up lithium-ion battery firms
Bourses take a tumble amid concerns over continued sluggish demand
Electric cars to give auto sector new energy boost
New generation’s tastes driving change
Tradition meets modernity
Oil prices to stay subdued on rising glut fears
Xi offers practical means to inevitable reunification
China part of the solutions not part of Brazil’s problems
Message must be delivered that ivory is banned
CPTPP another unmistakable sign Washington barking up wrong tree
Kim’s speech offers hope peninsula progress won’t stall
Internet of cities can help build smart cities
Forty years of evolving Sino-US ties
Chinese culture vital to exchanges across the Straits in the new era
Inspiration and empowerment for Africa
Finding a greener way to grow
Islands of creativity
Really getting the whole rub
Changing stories
Transformers’ spinoff, Bumblebee, set to create a big buzz
Modern art about modernity
Arrival of her latest opus set to shape Lucy Cheung’s new year

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