China Daily Global Weekly - 16 Oct 2020

Table of content - China Daily Global Weekly (16 Oct 2020)

Crafting the future
Injecting the public good in COVID-19 vaccine quest
Snoopy and friends arrive in Shanghai
Shenzhen set to be global innovation hub
Wild animal ban to be extended
Criminal liability may fall to age 12
New railway plan to boost capacity
Premier stresses key role of consumption
Digital red packets issued in Shenzhen
Safeguard education of girls, says Peng
China, Africa make pledge on solidarity
Forge ahead with ‘reform, opening-up’
Shenzhen to further expand global role as innovation hub
Xi urges Marine Corps to become elite force
Foreign trade set to continue stable growth
FM proposes dialogue platform in Middle East
China commits to sharing vaccines
US threats to world peace enumerated
Farmers can benefit from China model
Trump’s raucous return to the trail
Consumers pick up tab in trade row
France to start four-week curfew in cities
Beijing and Phnom Penh ink FTA deal
US-led Indo-Pacific Strategy poses big ‘security risk’
African countries reopen campuses
Thailand looks to China for tourists
Peer reviews discredit COVID-19 engineering claim
New waves of virus threaten to strike again
Tourism takes root in small villages
Shoppers return to brick-and-mortar
HK bourse welcomes mainland companies
Esports heats up in Southeast Asia
Esports heats up in Southeast Asia
Chinese tech firms spur quest for gold
Nobel committee must remain vigilant
Strengthening food security for Africa
Resilient supply chains cope with crisis
US’ human rights accusations baseless
Shared future framed in friendships
Gender equality key to healthy aging
‘Dual circulation’ set to create jobs
Language crucial for exchanges
Upholding sustainable agenda amid COVID-19
Pandemic recovery holds a lesson
AI pivotal for development in Africa
New growth plan improves lives
An enduring icon arrives in Shanghai
Harvesting a better life
Living ‘culture builders’
Guardians of an ancient handicraft
Treatment center answers need in Yemen
Firms look forward to annual CIIE
Wuhan spirit triumphs

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