China Daily Global Weekly - 20 Nov 2020

Table of content - China Daily Global Weekly (20 Nov 2020)

European charm
RCEP to be key engine for global recovery
Xi calls for unity in fight against pandemic
Tibet improves lives on wide scale
Last Sichuan counties lifted out of poverty
HK patriotism rule has ‘solid legal basis’
Calligraphy work of Tang master found
International court re-elects Chinese judge
Huawei sells brand to agents, dealers
Hangzhou draws in overseas graduates
China takes lead in scientific research
Macao to boost role in nation’s opening-up
Lunar mission to be launched this month
Xi: China welcomes ties with everyone
Thailand pushes some constitutional amendment bills
RCEP win for multilateralism
Li lauds solidarity in ASEAN plus three
President calls for Yangtze belt green development
Xi urges unity in pandemic fight
Pudong marks three decades of progress
President highlights importance of rule of law
Leveraging HK for Bay Area
Technology holds key to healthcare
Xi calls for closer China-Myanmar ties
Coronavirus present in Italy before Wuhan
Trade pact for region hailed
US, China must focus on ‘cooperation’
COVID resurgence worries WHO
People favor better Sino-Japanese ties
FTA talks with ROK, Japan gaining speed
SMIC says US curbs ‘controllable’
Recovery to hasten amid retail growth
Singles Day splurge lifts merchandise outlook
Guangdong revs up Bay Area moves
Better lives on Tibet’s horizon
Better lives on Tibet’s horizon
New perspectives, changing fortunes
BRICS upholds banner of multilateralism
A shared path requires sacrifices
Charting the right path
Asia in good position to revive travel
Cementing China-Africa ties
Taking initiative for mutual benefit
Global call to help less fortunate
China seeks peace but is not afraid of war
Learning from the US system’s flaws
Innovations must focus on bigger goals
Ensuring development for all
Trains take passengers back in time
Tunes for healing and togetherness
Music builds cultural bonds
Designers meet at city of canals
Extraordinary lives on camera
Xinjiang’s autumnal allure
A CSL season to remember

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