China Daily Global Weekly - 5 Aug 2022

Table of content - China Daily Global Weekly (5 Aug 2022)

Protecting the legacy
Pelosi trip exposes US hypocrisy on ‘one China’
Pelosi’s Taiwan visit condemned
Ruins reveal secrets of ancient China
SAR students engage in internship program
Population will start shrinking by 2025
Premier in pledge on intellectual property
Live-fire exercise for PLA Navy destroyer
President felicitates Vanuatu leader’s win
National reality must shape Marxism: Xi
Automated terminal opens at Nansha port
Research scientists get billions boost
Interference draws scorn from nations
China responds to Pelosi trip
Partnership for the people
‘World-class’ military vital for nation: Xi
President stresses importance of working in unity
PLA to meet security needs: Wei
Top leader vows closer Iran, Poland ties
Xi: US ‘playing with fire’
President sends message of condolence to Marcos
Pelosi’s Taiwan visit condemned
Peace activists slam trip as reckless, unwarranted
PLA launches drills in air and sea
Washington’s ‘provocations’ stoke tensions
US experts pan Pelosi’s visit
Nation remains a big draw for FDI
English teaching for new era
Industrial profits rebound in June
China seen as natural ally of Gulf nations
Experts pan US chip subsidy plan
Meeting the needs of Kenya
Highway to prosperity
Ship carrying ‘corn and hope’ leaves Odessa
Australia in for ‘rough ride’ as economic woes mount
Homing in on a realty recovery
Thriving on synergy
Catching the travel bug
Catching the travel bug
Delivering diversified experiences
Dirty politics:
‘Blame China’ strategy backfires
A force for global peace
Military enters new historical era
Tokyo does Washington’s bidding
US duplicity on human rights
Heat waves highlight need for action
China’s path offers inspiration for Africa
No ‘Global Britain’ without China
Prepared for the worst
Bringing prosperity for all
Powering a troubled world forward
Harvesting harmony with nature
The road to a new life
Dancing to a new tune
Uncovering secrets of the past
Making a difference
Fixing ‘mother river’ Fenhe
Teeing off a new journey

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