China Daily Global Weekly - 18 Nov 2022

Table of content - China Daily Global Weekly (18 Nov 2022)

Call to action
Let’s place our faith in solidarity of humanity
Flying vehicles set to take off
President builds goodwill at G20 Summit
Xi hails hybrid rice in food security speech
New video versions of Xi’s quotes of classics
Farm workers granted professional titles
Hospital ship treats patients in Jakarta
China and Luxembourg hail fruitful friendship
Chinese universities climb world rankings
COP14 shows wetlands protection consensus
Patent filings rise in quantum computing
Stronger Sino-Indonesian ties vowed
Xi: Digital economy must benefit all
Xi emphasizes global inclusive development
Peng attends G20 spouses’ event
Xi’s quotes
Xi, Biden aim to put ties back on track
Key messages Western media may have missed
Xi-Biden meeting significant, say observers
Charting the path forward
President meets with world leaders in Bali
Vision for future lauded
Xi meets UN chief, Italian leader
Li calls for stronger Asian cooperation
Cultural exchanges importance stressed
Business chiefs urge innovation focus
Wealth taxes mooted for social equity
Nations call for climate compensation
Sino-African collaboration aids transition to green energy
ASEAN proves its relevance
‘Deterrence’ talk seen adding to DPRK strains
APEC targets common goals
New COVID rules draw cheers
New COVID rules draw cheers
‘Big positive’ for economy: experts
Protocols eased
Working Together to Meet the Challenges of Our Times and Build a Better Future
Washington must show sincerity
Diplomacy that benefits the world
China, Argentina ties strengthen
Beijing respects Pacific islands sovereignty
Scholz shows pragmatism, vision
Success secrets of China’s system
Partnership for a better future
US hypocrisy in the Pacific
Pulling together on climate goals, trade
The peak of popularity
Enchanting modern wonderland
Cartoons depict green future
Gold Prize
Asia under new normal
A deeper dive into Dunhuang
Flying vehicles ready for takeoff
Chinese MMA star reclaims throne

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